What Moses Taught Us About Teaching Our Kids

Material for this sermon is from the book Nurturing the Leader Within Your Child. What Every Parent Needs To Know. Dr. Tim Elmore.

What Moses Taught Us About Teaching Our Kids

Children have a much better chance of discovering their divine destiny if their parents have done so first.

Deuteronomy 6

  1. It Doesn’t Matter What You Know If You Don’t Know What Matters.

    ·Priorities…What is it to this family?

    ·Problems…How do we deal with them?

    ·People…How do you treat them?

    ·Philosophy…How do you view life?

  2. The Relationship Is More Important Than the Rules.

    Remember: Rules don’t transform the heart. They change behavior from the outside in, rather than from the inside out.

    F—FEW. The more you have, the tougher it is to keep and enforce them.

    I—IMPORTANT. You should only create them if they are important to family life.

    R—RELEVANT.  Make sure they serve a relevant need and aren’t outdated.

    S—SIMPLE. Your child should be able to remember and share them in one sentence.

    T—TRANSFORMING. The rules should work to help shape the values of your child.

  3. It Has to Be In You Before It Can Be In Them.

  4. It’s Not The Quality or Quantity of Time We Spend, But The Quantity of Quality Time.

  5. What’s Worth Remember Is Worth Repeating.