How To Remain Calm During The Storms of Life
Acts 27:21-25, 33-35

1.  Remain Humble In Your Confidence In God. vs. 21
2. Remain Confident In God’s Ownership. vs. 23
3. Remain Confident That You Are Doing God’s Duty. vs. 23

4. Remain Confident That The Power of Heaven Is On Your Side. vs. 23
5. Remain Confident In Your Prayer Life. vs. 25
6. Remain Confident In What God Told You. vs. 25
7. Remain Confident In Helping Others. vs. 33
8. Whatever You Do, Keep Jesus On Your Mind. vs. 35

How to Keep From Sinking During the Storms of Life

How to Keep From Sinking During The Storms of Life.
Acts 27:9-14
1.  They Grew Impatient. (9)
      A.  Impatience will cause you to do foolish things.
      B.  Impatience will cause you think foolish thoughts about God.
      C.  Impatience will remove you from the  protection and will of God.

2. They Listened to Conflicting Advice. (10-11)

3. They Became Uncomfortable. (12)

4. They Listened to The Majority Rule. (12)
5. They Misinterpreted a Favorable Situation. (14)

The Pharisee and the Tax Collector: Which One are You?

The Pharisee & The Tax Collector:
Which One Are You?
Luke 18:9-14
I.  The Focus of The Parable. vs 9
     1.  The Self-righteousness of Intellectualism.
     2.  The Self-righteousness of Morality. 
     3.  The Self-righteousness of Good Works. 
II. The Contrast of The Parable.
The Pharisee’s Prayer was…
    A.  Self-Centered
    B.  Judgmental
    C.  All For Show
    D.  Fake
The Tax Collector’s Prayer was…
    A.  Humble
    B.  Heart-Felt
    C.  Confessing
    D.  Effective

III. The Shock of The Parable.
“This man went down to his house justified rather than the other.”
IV. The Invitation of The Parable.
“Exalt self and be humbled---Humble yourself and be exalted.”

The 10 Carmel Test

The 10 Camel Test
1. Rebekah Didn’t Know What She Was About to Experience Was Going to Be A Test.
2. Rebekah Passed The Test Because of Her Devotion. 
3. Rebekah Passed The Test Because She Was An Initiator. 
4. Rebekah Passed The Test Because of Her Sensitivity.
5. Rebekah Passed The Test Because She Committed to Her Task.
6. Rebekah Passed The Test Without Calculating.


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