The High Cost of Unbeleif

1 Kings 12:26-30

1. Unbelief Often Clothes Itself In Being Smart.
Caution: “We use cleverness to cover the tracks of our lack of faith.”
Caution: “In the church today, we are still busy inventing new religions as Jeroboam did. The new models are just as logical and user friendly.”
2. Unbelief Talks to Itslef Instead of Talking to God.
Caution: “Unbelief will cause you to drift away from God and His word.”
Caution: “If you are headed in the wrong direction, you can always find a few cronies who will pat you on the back and agree with you.”
3. Unbelief Loves to Paint The Bleakest Picture it Can.
Caution: “When you’re walking in unbelief, you get out of bed saying, “Oh, no! is this the day I’m going to lose it all” The glass is always half-empty.” 
Caution: “Unbelief is at the heart of our lack of commitment to God!”
Aren’t You Ready To Declare War On Your Unbelief?
“Unbelief sees God through Circumstances…but FAITH puts God between Itself and Circumstances and looks at them through Him”
F. B Meyer