Christianity 3G

  1. Gospel for the lost 

    1. V 16 

    1. Tell what you know, tell your experience.  

    2. Follow a plan 

  2. Grace to believers 

    1. 1.V17-18 

    1. Forgive the inexcusable in others lives because God has forgiven our inexcusables.  

    2. Horizontal grace 

  3. Generosity in the kingdom 

    1. V16 

    1. The kingdom needs generous offerings 

      1. Offerings, a reflection of a generous heart.  

    2. Generosity of gifts 

      1. Using our gifts to further the kingdom.  

    3. Generosity of our time.  

      1. You make time and sacrifice time because it's a priority in your life.  

Hebrews 12:1-2 

  1. Weights, the sin we know, slow us down.  

    1. Too much distance between me and the source of the signal.  

    2. Too many things in your life at one time.  

    3. Too many games in our life.  

  2. In the Owners Manual you can find all you need.  

  3. We need to reset, refresh and update our relationship with God.