Acts 3:19 

  1. 1.Repentance is the first step 

  2. 2.Repentance requires change 

    1. 1.Repentance literally means "rethinking". Repentance involves the whole being. Mind, Emotions, and Will 

    2. 2.In order for there to be sin, there has to be deception. All sin has in it a wrong THINKING. 

    3. 3.When I have repented, two things immediately happen.  

      1. 1.Confession- 1 John 1:9 

      2. 2.I'll make Restitution- Zacchaeus is an example 

  3. 3.Repentance is not easy. 

    1. 1.2 Corinthians 7:9-10 

    2. 2.Worldly sorrow produces two things.  

      1. 1.Regret 

      2. 2.Death 

  4. 4.Repentance can be impossible 

    1. 1.Genesis 6:3 

    2. 2.Repentance becomes impossible when we know the truth and we repeatedly sin against it over an extended period if time.