Living Powerfully Godly

3 Major reasons life is so hard: 

1.It is busy... There is more to do than time permits each day.  

1.We should be productive and not busy.  

2.It is distracting... Many things draw and tug at our minds trying to get our attention.  

3.It is also evil... There is darkness pressing in around our hearts and souls each moment as the last days breathe down upon us.  

Hebrews 11: 4-8 

Abel - In Abel's life it is called Offering to God. (4) 

Enoch - Enoch's life is called Walking with God. (5) 

Noah - Noah's life is called Obeying God.  (7) 

Abraham - Abraham's life is called Believing in God. (8) 

•They studied the word of God.