How Do We Get So Far Off Track?

  1. 1.We stop loving Jesus the most.  

    1. 1.Revelation 2:4 

      1. 1.The problem:  Their lives were clogged with so many other things, until Jesus was no longer first.  

      2. 2.Action needed: Jesus said, stop everything else from pushing me out, Go back to your original settings; and love the Lord Your God with all you are.  

  2. 2.We buy into Liberalism 

    1. 1.Revelation 2:14-15 

      1. 1.The Problem: they were not being obedient to the clear commands of Christ.  

      2. 2.Action needed: Jesus reports that what is needed is foe them to repent of contamination by the world; and draw near to God.   

  3. 3.We Stop Seperating Ourselves from Sin 

    1. 1.Revelation 2:19-20 

      1. 1.The Problem: the saints at Thyatira were tolerating pleasure dominated lives. If you are only living for pleasure, and pleasure dominates your decisions, then you are feeding the lists of your flesh. 

      2. 2.Action Needed: Avoid a pleasure dominated life style.  

  4. 4.We No Longer Over Flow with His Spirit 

    1. 1.Revelation 3:1 

      1. 1.Action Needed: Jesus offers  overflowing Spirit filled loves. But to be filled we must first empty what is already there in our lives.