Are You A Reader or A Doer?

James 1:22-25 

  1. 1.There is a warning against misuse.  

  2. 2.Belief and behavior go hand in hand.  

  3. 3.Study The Word 

    1. 1.Study the Bible! 

    2. 2.Stay with it! 

    3. 3.Seek the action 

      1. 1.Is there an example I need to follow  

      2. 2.Is there a sin for me to confess? 

      3. 3.Is there a promise for me to claim? 

      4. 4.Is there a prayer for me to repeat? 

      5. 5.Is there a condition for me to repeat? 

      6. 6.Memorize the text.  

      7. 7.Is there an obstacle God wants to avoid?